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Enigma’s team of specialists developed and designed top quality sport website for our client with clear & user friendly navigation based on our customer needs.

Client description:

THE SPORTS FOOTBALL CLUB OF PAFOS (A.P.O.P.) which was founded in September 1953 and evolved into a club with the name “ATHLETIKOS POLITISTIKOS OMILOS PAFOS” (A.P.O.P.) on 02 May 2001 evolved into association with the same name “ATHLETIC CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF PAFOS” (A.P.O.P.) and has its headquarters in the Municipality of Paphos.

THE ASSOCIATION A.P.O.P. operates as a non-profit organization.

We would like to thank THE SPORTS FOOTBALL CLUB OF PAFOS (A.P.O.P.) for trusting us.

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