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Title : Lanitis Farm Logo Design

Client : Lanitis Farm LTD

Category : Logo Design


Lanitis Farm Ltd is a subsidiary company of the well-established and prominent Lanitis Group of Companies, offering products and services of unparalleled quality, while maintaining superior customer service.

As a major shareholder of Heaven’s Garden Waterpark Ltd, the company owns and operates with success both the Fasouri Watermania Waterpark and Ktima Laniti, a truly unique venue for all types of events (conference and social events). Lanitis Farm Ltd also owns the Limassol Greens Golf Resort, a fully integrated golf and real estate development project and deals with citrus production and export, which was the initial activity of the company, before expanding into other areas of business.


Following this shift in the company’s activities, their logo no longer corresponded to the spectrum of activities undertaken by Lanitis Farm Ltd. Thus, the aforementioned company asked the Enigma team to re-create this logo as to meet the changing needs of the business, based on their new brand identity. The new logo should encompass and reflect the company’s activities, both old and new, while communicating their core values.


The logo that was designed by Enigma is sharp and exudes professionalism and trust, making allusion to the element of nature and referring to the citrus plantation. While strict, the logo is playful and eye catching, delivering excellence and successfully blending traditional and modern elements.


The newly created logo improved brand recognition and established the task of reinstating the brand identity of Lanitis Farm Ltd in the market.

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