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design logo cyprus

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design logo cyprus

Project Details

Date : Princess Anely Croissants new logo branding and packaging design

Client : Princess Anely Croissants

When they found themselves in need of new logo branding and packaging design, Princess Anely Croissants reached out to us. With our proven track record, they knew they could trust us to create the perfect designs for them.

Enigma’s talented and experienced designers’ first mission was to come up with a logo. After researching Princess Anely’s competitors, we worked with them to make a few changes to the samples we’d produced, and then they picked their favourite. The end result is a unique, memorable, easily recognizable logo.

We then turned our attention to the design of the croissant packaging. The brief was to create different but consistent packaging designs in various sizes that would stand out from the crowd, tempting potential customers and giving sales a boost. Again, we created multiple options based on our client’s needs, and to them to make the final decision.

The team at Princess Anely were fully satisfied with the end result. They especially loved the colour combinations, the subtly different designs for each croissant flavour and product size, and the clever configuration of all of the necessary information on the packaging.


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