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Title : TUS Airways Advertising Campaign

Client : TUS Airways

Category : Advertising Campaigns


Tus Airways is a new airline headquartered in Cyprus, with Larnaca International Airport being its main base.

The airline aims to offer frequent and direct short-haul flights between Cyprus and neighbouring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean.



Despite the fact that the company was founded in 2015, it was relatively unknown to the general public.

Recently, Tus Airways inaugurated two new flight itineraries for which the company decided to launch an advertising campaign and raise brand awareness.

Therefore, the airline came into contact with our agency in order to design and build a marketing campaign to target the right audience. The key challenge for us was to identify the most effective ways of advertising for an airline and to differentiate ourselves from similar advertising campaigns.

Our team managed to identify right away the company’s needs and present it with a complete solutions’ package including unique, tailor-made promotional ideas that reflected its core values and vision.



Enigma agency is known for delivering top notch solutions tailored to meet the needs of our customers.  In this case, our creative team prepared a full set of high performance promotional activities including the following:

  • Unique designs
  • Outdoor Campaign all over Cyprus
  • TV Advertising (on 2 major TV channels in Cyprus, running the commercial during prime time)
  • Radio Advertising (on 2 major radio channels in Cyprus)
  • Radio Contest (two winners – 2 tickets to Rome)
  • Website Advertising (Articles and Banners)


The campaign was implemented in three phases over a period of time. During the first phase, a media plan was drawn up, which would constitute the benchmark of the campaign. Then, the advertising concept and design, around which the campaign would be built, were developed. The following phase included an airport related photo shooting and filming for the needs of the advertisement, as well as a radio production (audio and script writing) and TV production (video and script writing). Finally, we proceeded to the distribution of the media plan across different media channels and its monitoring.



As a result of this monitoring, it was determined that we run a successful media advertising campaign. Our client was extremely satisfied with the outcome, since the message was undoubtedly delivered to the target audience, with the brand becoming widely known.  Their website traffic has increased by ten times over this period and the flights for the itineraries advertised are fully booked!

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