Who We Are


Enigma Global is a leading, full-service Visual Communications Agency based in Cyprus. Founded in 2000, the agency managed to build a name for itself as a key player. Enigma is synonymous with advertising, communication and marketing innovation. Our team takes pride in its loyal customer base and in expanding overseas, thus accessing new markets, while keeping the company's fundamental cultural identity and core values intact.

As a client, you will benefit from Enigma’s signature approach to clients’ projects and from working with a creative team, fully equipped to provide expert insight into various markets as well as solutions to all your visual communication problems. We work together with our clients to bring their projects to completion, whilst we provide an excellent after sales service for any questions that may arise.

Enigma Global brings Projects to life.

How We Do It




To get the most optimum results you need to have an effective strategy. We tailor the right strategy for your brand, from the design board to the consumer retina, to ensure the correct message is communicated to your audience.



Creativity shapes the human experience in a profound and pervasive way. It is the essence in everything we do in Enigma. It inspires our team to develop booming, eye-catching ideas; bringing ideas to life.



A great idea needs a fluent execution. The level of the execution is based on the teams’ expertise and experience. Thankfully we have an abundance of both. Our team can do the impossible but needs time for the miracles.



We prepared a strategy, gathered ideas and developed the best solution; it’s time to deliver. Distribution is execution and therefore the icing on the cake. We use established channels to reach the target audiences and monitor the results.

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