Costas Constantopoulos Pharmacy

Project Overview

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Costas Constantopoulos Pharmacy provides personalized care and a wide range of healthcare products. From expert advice to a welcoming atmosphere, Costas Constantopoulos Pharmacy is dedicated to serving the community with excellence and professionalism.


Transforming the exterior design of Costas Constantopoulos Pharmacy was a unique challenge as it lacked a compelling visual presence and failed to convey professionalism. The initial exterior design of the Pharmacy failed to captivate potential customers, lacking the inviting image, which is essential for a successful pharmacy.


Enigma’s team undertook with professionalism and responsibility, the exterior design, creation and installation of Costas Constantopoulos Pharmacy to make it look much better from the outside. We gave our best to give the whole place a fresh and attractive appearance. Our experts used modern techniques to design eye-catching shop signs that really stand out. We went beyond traditional methods, using advanced 3D renderings to turn creative ideas into reality. The magic unfolded as we meticulously curated materials that seamlessly harmonized with the pharmacy’s surroundings, ensuring a professional and aesthetically pleasing visual experience.


The result was captivating and attracted many visitors to the pharmacy. The creative minds of Enigma produced a complete modern and innovative exterior signage solution for the entire building. We started from Design, Material Selection and Making / Production to Installation of Pharmacy signage.