Project Overview

#advertising #design #pafos

#usb #deesign #advertising #pafos

#advertising #design #pafos

#advertising #design #pafos



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Client Description:

Korantina Homes is a luxury villas developer, the premier property developer in Cyprus for Luxury Seafront Villas. The company’s vision is to ensure that each aspect of their projects meets their consumer high-end desires. Founded in the 1980’s in Cyprus to provide luxury properties for prestigious clientele around the world in primary locations. Their main goal is to create a unique, magnificent, residential property with a spectacular view.


As a result of being one of the most admired companies of the luxury villas market in Cyprus, their consumers set higher expectations from them. Our client wants to give a unique, memorable gift to their consumers, which allows them to promote their available properties for sale.


Enigma’s  team suggest a new style in the creation of a customized USB memory stick. Korantina’s new luxury USB comes in a black leather style, ideal to meet the high expectations for their clients. A USB memory stick can be used to store a lot amount of data (property presentations, brochures, etc.) without any difficulty, but also to informed efficiently their potential and existed customers about their projects.


Through this unique promotional gift, Korantina Homes achieve to make the most from their exhibitions and increase their revenues from new clients.