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limassol marina

limassol marina

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Limassol Marina combines elegant residences and a full 
service marina with an enticing mix of restaurants and shops.
Located in the heart of a vibrant city, the marina development offers luxury apartments and exclusive villas with their own private berths or direct access to the beach. Its highly desired Cyprus property, an outstanding collection of stylish homes, provide a unique retreat complete with a spa and fitness club, leisure and cultural facilities. Limassol Marina can accommodate 650 yachts from 8m to 110m with a team of experienced professionals to ensure the smooth running of all operations.


Through tailored content creation services, we crafted captivating narratives, visuals, and messaging in multiple languages. We executed a seamless blend of offline and online marketing actions, impactful PR activities, and strategic publishing to enhance brand visibility.


The solution was to create an impressive high quality and professional teaser video to attract the potential client!


Our collaboration resulted in increased brand recognition, engagement, and a growing customer base for Limassol Marina. Our comprehensive approach and meticulous execution reinforced their position as an industry leader, garnering positive feedback and media coverage.

We are proud of our successful partnership and grateful for the trust Limassol Marina placed in our team. Together, we continue to drive exceptional content creation and marketing solutions.