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personal branding



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Client : Lyssiotis Services

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VERA LYSSIOTIS is a lawyer, charismatic and skilled Managing Director and an expert Consultant in Marketing Communication Strategies.

As general manager of her family’s business for the last 25 years, dealing with a range of products and multiple projects, Vera has become an expert in the luxury business sector and corporate law.


Mrs. Vera Lyssiotis wanted to build a Personal and Corporate Branding website to communicate with their potential and existing customers her personality and her creative work.


Our Agency understood the client’s needs and envisioned their idea right from the very first moment. Following a number of constructive meetings, we came up with what would meet the website’s design and functionality needs.  To achieve this, we design and develop a fresh and modern latest technology website to promote Mrs. Vera’s Services, Collaborations, her Interviews and photos !


The result was engaged more popularity and increase Mrs. Vera’s clients.

Users can easily navigate through the website and find more information.  We managed to create an eye-catching and user-friendly website, and we are proud of ourselves for another satisfied loyal client.

We would like to thank Lyssiotis Services for trusting us.

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