Project Overview

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Project Details

Date : Mc Value Lunch Sky Media Campaign

Client : McDonald's


In the competitive world of fast-food marketing, McDonald’s constantly seeks innovative ways to reach its target audience. McDonald’s faced a challenge when it wanted to introduce its delicious new breakfast meals to travelers and locals. Unsure of the best way to spread the word effectively, they turned to Enigma for help.


Recognizing the unique opportunity presented by the captive audience of airline passengers, our agency proposed a highly targeted approach.

We suggested using airlines advertising (e.g. Ryanair etc.) to showcase McDonald’s breakfast offerings to travelers and locals. By partnering with airlines, we could reach a wide variety of travelers, including both locals and tourists.

We used eye-catching visuals of McDonald’s breakfast items accompanied by persuasive messaging highlighting the convenience, affordability and deliciousness of the new breakfast meals offerings. Through strategic negotiations with airline partners, we secured placement for McDonald’s advertisements inside the airplane cabine, on the tray tables, seatback magazines and even meal trays. These placements ensured maximum exposure to passengers throughout their journey, from takeoff to landing.


The impact of our airlines advertising campaign surpassed all expectations. The breakfast meals of McDonald’s became widely known to travelers and locals alike, leading to a significant increase in sales across all of the country’s stores. We would like to thank McDonalds for entrusting us to their new product launching.