Project Overview

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Project Details

Client : Star Hair Shop

Project URL : Live Preview


The company star hair shop offers a wide range of branded hair care products that cover every need and hair type.


Our client requested to design a modern and user-friendly website that showcases the wide range of hair care products, envisioning their eshop as one stop destination for hair beauty needs. They also expressed a strong desire for their website to be mobile responsive, ensuring that customers can effortlessly navigate the site and return for a seamless experience time and time again.


Our goal was to create an outstanding, user-friendly and highly secure eshop allowing customers to navigate easily and conveniently and explore the variety of the products that the star hair shop has to offer. Also we created a section with clear and prominently contact information. This makes it simple for potential clients to get in touch and access the star hair shop. To enhance the overall experience, we seamlessly integrated Star Hairshop’s social media pages into the e-shop. This means customers can effortlessly connect with the star hair shop and stay updated on the latest trends, promotions and beauty tips through their preferred social media channels.


The result was engaging and attracted a thousand visitors on our client’s eshop. Our exceptional design not only engaged visitors but also facilitated seamless interactions, making it a go to destination for those seeking hair-beauty products.