The Doner Bar

Project Overview

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Project Details

Client : The Doner Bar

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Client Description

The Doner Bar is a fast food restaurant, located in Pafos. Its menu contains burgers, gyro with greek and Cypriot pita and even vegetarian food like falafel.


Our client requested to make the rebranding of The Doner Bar, as well as to increase its sales and gain more customers.


We managed to create an outstanding, user-friendly and high speed online fast food ordering platform, allowing customers to navigate easily and make their orders. We designed this ordering platform to be mobile friendly as well. Our solution increased sales and customers of The Doner Bar. At the same time our dedicated and creative team at Enigma undertook the rebranding of The Doner bar by designing and creating the logo, making it remarkable and unique in order to attract more customers.


The results were amazing and our client was very satisfied. We managed to create a huge brand awareness around the online fast food ordering platform, increase its sales through our user- friendly ordering platform and attract more customers.